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Hong Dali broke out in cold sweat. Luckily, he did not say that any portion of a Galaxy Aristocrat was needed to contain the wine. Otherwise, he would have immediately become a wanted man in the Milky Way.


Battling in the Universe, especially when battling with the Zerg race, it was especially important to calculate the direction that they were going towards. Only through this could they deduct where their possible destination was and therefore ask for reinforcements to wipe out the Zerg army. Otherwise, if they didn’t even know where they would be going, how were their reinforcements supposed to know where to go to and how to snipe them?


“You are probably not sick.” Hong Dali quickly concluded. He picked up a drink and self-indulgently started drinking. “Since you like him, then you should woo him. Oh, but you don’t even know who he is, why and how do you like him? You don’t know what type of person he is and you like him already? You should at least know if he is tall or short, fat or thin.”


Ah, that, haha, haha Hong Dali smirked and scratched his headactually, it was not that he didnt want to do anything. The problem was, the System was quite a cheat. Hong Dali was a kind person, after all. Kind people were usually responsible. Otherwise, if he had impregnated anyone, and the System had given him a mission that he could not complete, and anything was to happen to him, it would not be good to leave behind a kid and mother.


Dad, I have not massaged your shoulders for such a long time. Tang Muxins tears welled up. Although she had fun with Hong Dali, it felt different to see her parents after leaving home for such a long time.


“I understand. I will be careful.” Jiang Duxing smiled wryly. “Aye, I’m not sure if I should be happy or worried. It’s worrying.”

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Mr. Scott, the clerk said respectfully, you have become an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, please decide on the name on the cloak.


No hurry, no hurry. Hong Dali said, Let me play for another two years. I dont intend to. do it so early. Hehe, hehe.


Daughter, Her mother comforted her. as long as you dont feel grieved, let nature take its course. I wont say more regarding matters of the heart. Youre not a small girl anymore, I believe you understand.


Actually, they were just resting and waiting for Dali to finish before continuing their shopping. Things were going well.


Now, everyone was excited. This was such a good deal! They would simply sleep here in the future! Regardless of what happened, as long as they managed to get their hands on one, they would definitely profit from it!


Go and die! A book connected with Hong Dalis head. It was thrown by Jiang Qianxue. Its not a big deal to be impulsive once in a while. Its not as bad as you make it sound.


Jiang Qianxue finally could not resist it anymore. She asked softly, Dali, are you trying to generate publicity by doing this? It seems that your idea is working well. I was very curious when you bought these shops, but now I realize that you are very clever. You are getting a lot of publicity from this. I just wonder, after this, how are you planning to make a profit?



Ah. No need to bother about him. Tang Muxin was used to it and no longer found his ways strange. Anyway, Hong Dali may be a prodigal, but he had always had good luck. There was no way anyone could compare with him. Other people squandered and became bankrupt. However, the more Hong Dali squandered, the more he had to squander. There was simply no way to compare.



“Mister, how… how many levels did you pass at the Tower of Trials?” As he led the way, Luo Qiang chatted with the Mister. Second Greatest Mister seemed an appropriate term. The other Great Mister was fiercer than him…


“Ah, the reward for level 30 is quite formidable.” Hong Dali grinned and stretched out his hand. On his right hand’s fourth finger, a ring was worn on it. “This is a teleportation ring. As long as I have the coordinates, I can teleport there directly—of course, some blood is needed from me…”


Thereafter, everyone went back to their rooms to put on their new equipment before returning. When he saw them, Hong Dali was stunned!

  • Hearing that, Tang Muxins eyes lit up. But she was soon worried. Making movies is good. But our technology is too far off from the Galaxy Alliance Centers technology, right? Can our movies make it? Besides, didnt Deca say that movies in the Galaxy Alliance Center mostly involve blowing up planets? We dont have planets to blow up. Without major scenes like that, Im afraid it wont sell. It will be embarrassing if it cant even pass the review.
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