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The appearance of a super-genius who completed all 30 levels of the Tower of Trials in one day was very significant. Those who didn’t understand this would only think that a person who was good at fighting had appeared. However, those who had lived long enough in the Galaxy Alliance Center all understood what the appearance of such a genius represented.


Your fist dont have eyes? Mister Gate sneered. He was big and tall. Standing beside the rest, he was like a huge water bucket, extremely scary. The man who threatened everyone was so scared and moved back three steps!


En, we better hurry. Tang Muxin winked at Hong Dali. Hong Dali pouted and swung his space watchWalaladangdang, fifty to sixty pieces of armors dropped on the ground.


In the hall on the first-floor hall was an artificial mountain, running water and a little bridge. On the walls around the room were shelves of expensive tomes. There was a large pond in the middle. In the pond were a few colorful arowanas swimming around leisurely.


Yes, of course! Tianyi chuckled as he sized up Hong Dali. You own quite a few shops in Star Harbor. He then looked at the trembling middle-aged man who wanted to sell Hong Dali his shop. What is going on? Are you buying another shop?


Li Nianweis parents were a pair of very simple commoners. They did not come from affluent backgrounds. Their financial status was greatly improved thanks to Li Nianwei. But they were just as kind and meticulous. On this day, any person among the crowd was influential and known. Hence, they were very reserved and did not dare to talk loudly. But their care toward Li Nianwei was not less compared to the other parents.

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Quick, look. Isnt that the new Double Honorary Aristocrat Hong Dali? He is a super prodigal, specialized in buying failed shops. Haha!


Tianyi, who got snubbed by Mister Gate, sat leisurely on a chair. He attracted the attention of countless girls. Apart from the fact that he was rather good-looking, the important thing was his identity as an Honorary Aristocrat.


Uh, yes. Lin Chuyin opened her arms as she said that. Dali, give me a hug.


He continued to appraise the second piece of equipment. Master Brahman exclaimed again. One Strength +11, one Agility +12, one Reflexes +13! Oh my God!


They went upstairs. Level eleven, the equipment had been sold, the door was locked. Level twenty-three, the equipment had also been sold, the door was locked. Level thirty-five, the equipment was still there, and there was a huge crowd in front of the door!


Hong Dali randomly grabbed a bottle and placed it in front of him. He took a closer look at it. It was a bottle of BoerBlu Wine, a very well-known and expensive wine in the Milky Way. Hong Dali opened the bottle of wine and asked Mister Gate a question. “Mister prodigal, what do you think is the best way to drink this wine?”


She was not as domineering as other Galaxy Aristocrats and she was pretty, comparable to Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei. Especially when she was with Hong Dali, she was like an obedient wife. It was distinctively different from her status as a Galaxy Aristocrat. She was as adorable as could be!



Damn! He did not have many of those attributes in the first place, and half of one of those attributes would get deducted if he failed! No matter which one got deducted, it would be depressing!



Actually, speaking of which, Yin Tianzong had only dreamed of getting ahold of the Meridian Seven Star Sword, which would already be good enough for him. After all, his strength was only average, and he didn’t really expect much from this Brother Dali who he took a liking to. After all, everyone’s attributes were limited here, it wasn’t easy to break through the levels.


In the past, Jiang Qianxue was not really proud of her identity as a Galaxy Aristocrat, but at least she felt it was not too bad.


Hong Dali looked at the two men curiously. Luo Qiang rushed forward and clung onto Hong Dali’s thigh, wailing. “Boss, I cannot take it anymore! Fire me! If you won’t do it, I’ll leave by myself!”

  • But now, his Brother Dali actually gave him a divine item. This was really unexpected…
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