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“Zhang Yi, how’s your research?” The Bureau Chief stood beside Zhang Yi and looked as she continuously did her experiment. The Bureau Chief smiled and asked, “Is there any new progress?”


Of course. Hong Dali answered matter-of-factly. If your heart races every day, your life-span will be shortened. Love is, in fact, ordinary. Its not as exciting as you thought it is. Shopping, chatting, its just like that.


Jiang Qianxue finally could not resist it anymore. She asked softly, Dali, are you trying to generate publicity by doing this? It seems that your idea is working well. I was very curious when you bought these shops, but now I realize that you are very clever. You are getting a lot of publicity from this. I just wonder, after this, how are you planning to make a profit?


Li Tianxing entered the VIP area and looked around. Soon, he found the very calm Jiang Qianxue, who was sitting in a corner reading. He walked straight to her and smiled. Qianxue, its been a while.


The first person in line was so happy he almost fainted. Without saying anything, he took the armor and dashed out of the shop like a madman.


“Mother,” Hong Dali felt like he was about to cry and quickly pinched his nose. “I’m okay. I eat well and drink well there. Everything is good. Hehe. It feels quite good at the moment, I even met a few new friends. They are all very powerful.”

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Lackey Li Yang immediately went forward to stop him. Sir, my apologies, but our young misses are resting. Please do not disturb them.


The Honorary Aristocrats had advancement assessments. In normal times, making small losses and profits wouldn’t really matter. But if he really made a large loss, the stress that Hong Dali would have to face during the advancement assessment wouldn’t be small!


He continued to appraise the second piece of equipment. Master Brahman exclaimed again. One Strength +11, one Agility +12, one Reflexes +13! Oh my God!


“Haha, Dali Creates Miracles, there’s a logic behind this phrase.” The head worker laughed loudly and said, “My little precious mutters this every day before sleep, this little brat.”


“Well… I’ll have to accept it.” Jiang Qianxue thought about it carefully, then made her decision. “As long as the difference is not too big, I will like him anyway! My true love, he must be a hero, bright and resplendent. Even the sun would not be able to obscure his glow!”


“Oh…” Hong Dali sounded sleepy. “Ah… alright. You can decide. I need to sleep first…”


Jiang Qianxue thought for a long while. Then, she suddenly looked at Hong Dali and said, “That is not a bad plan. Since it’s like that, then… how about you be my experimental partner?”



“What good idea?” When she heard what Hong Dali said, Jiang Qianxue immediately got impatient again. “Tell me quickly. What good idea?”



Soon, the clerk issued the certificate and Ace turned to leave after collecting it. When he had exited the Inspection Office for Honorary Aristocrats Advancement, a young man with half-opened eyes approached him and said, smiling, You are so free to actually come here for the Honorary Aristocrat Advancement. What are you thinking?


Go and die! A book connected with Hong Dalis head. It was thrown by Jiang Qianxue. Its not a big deal to be impulsive once in a while. Its not as bad as you make it sound.


He had not deliberately offended anyone but was lustful. All men would be interested if they met beautiful women. He only wanted to hit on women, how did he get into so much trouble?

  • Tianyi did not recognize his fighting pose, but Jiang Qianxues eyes lit up in recognition when she saw it. She gasped softly and then whispered to Tang Muxin, Xinxin, his pose, where did he learn it from?
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